When creating my sculptures I am involved from the beginning to the end.
Casting I do myself  since 1997 with an artist friend.
The structures of the sculpture and the cast skin determine the atmosphere of my work Which is very important for me. During the casting process resulting changes or additions may be incorporated in my work sometimes reinforcing the sculpture. Where possible I try to respond to and use  these changes.This gives my work its distinctive shape and atmosphere
Maybe you can see when viewing the pictures of my work, that in perceiving the creation of my sculptures  I have a preference for natural, organic-looking forms.
 A nice comment from a Canadian colleague , "I like the way you give life to bronze."
It seems  my sculptures are  the breeding ground for all kinds of growing organisms that threaten to take possession of the form. This seems as if the dead material which is bronze, is breathed with new life.
My bronze sculptures are cast by the cire perdue method.
Essentially it comes down to this:
First you form a mold for the wax sculpture. Of course the wax model is first provided with casting channels and venting channels. The mold  consists of a mass of gypsum, gravel and water that hardens in a short time. The mold is stoked out in an oven at a temperature of approximately 800 degrees, so the wax melts and the cast is opening. Moreover, all the water from the molding is evaporated. The original wax formed sculpture is lost, so the created bronze sculpture is unique. Heating the casting molds  takes about 12 hours, larger sculptures 24 hours or longer. Then the melted bronze can  be poured in the resulting cavities of the mold. After cooling, the sculpture can be cut out of the mold and can be cleaned with a high pressure wash-down. Then we can begin the lengthy finish. The channels are removed, the shards ( bronze spurs in any resulting hairline cracks) are removed with a grinder or chisel perpendicular. The resulting bubbles on the surface and the bumps are hammered away. When a sculpture consists of  several parts these parts are welded together. When everything is completed satisfactorily, the sculpture can be patinated.  The Patina is bringing the color to the bronze using chemicals. The antique green patina in this is the most famous. Finally I can  deal with the presentation of my sculpture.