Tina Lintvelt, born 1956 in Hamburg Germany, is an artist who has worked with varied forms of art. Since 1995 she has specialized in sculpture, followed courses in ceramic design and  in making bronze. Bronze has become the focus of her art.
“The work of Tina is powerful.  It invites our imagination without forcing it.  It gives us a frame in which we as observers can let our thoughts flow freely. It guides our fantasy to places where we have never been, but where we feel instantly secure and at home. It gives us back what seems to be lost in the organized patterns of our daily life; the power of imagination”.
The work of Tina is inspired by her personal past and by the events that she sees and feels. She shapes her experiences and impressions into an image that becomes for each of us uniquely understandable. The abstract sculptures appear in her hands, steered by the subconscious and her eye for esthetics. This process of work creates organic objects that live and move, that are elegant, but not decorative. “Art but not artsy”.